Scuba Diving Reservation Software

Unleash the full potential of your dive center with our advanced scuba diving reservation software. Increase online bookings, effectively manage your client database, and guarantee more direct bookings for unrivaled diving trips. Opt for our all-encompassing booking system for an unparalleled boost in online sales and scuba business growth!

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Streamline Scuba Diving Tour Bookings

For scuba diving operators, our specialized scuba diving reservation software enhances direct online bookings, diver management, and distribution.

online booking widget features
Make it easy for guests to book your tours online with a 24/7 booking widget.

Get more bookings

  • Make diving trips easier with a widget tailored to your brand.
  • Just one line of code to integrate seamlessly into your CMS - a must for your homepage or booking page.
  • Convert more visitors and boost loyalty with a 5-step booking process.
  • Multiple currencies and payment methods to cater to guests from around the world.
reseller login portal for tracking bookings
Provide a login portal for resellers.

Get 80% more bookings with resellers and affiliates

  • Make more dive trip bookings by 80% through affiliate links
  • Provide resellers with a white-labeled widget and a login portal for booking management.
  • Expand your reach by listing your tour slots on OTAs like Get Your Guide, TripAdvisor, Klook, and Airbnb Experiences.



We're here to make scuba diving operators' lives easier. Our scuba diving reservation software is custom-designed for industry operators in the scuba diving sector, saving them up to 80% on customer inquiries and backend inefficiencies.

guest interactions
Make your diving tours more personal by integrating CRM.


  • Our user-friendly magic link enables divers to reschedule, cancel, or convert scuba diving bookings on their own.
  • Send tour reminders automatically with our messaging tool, so everyone's ready and excited for their dive.
  • Verify emails during the reservation process to prevent invalid bookings.
abandoned cart drip campaign feature
Follow up with visitors who don't complete their bookings.

Getting results

  • Secure every reservation by reminding customers about abandoned carts. We send follow-up emails to guests who don't complete their bookings.
  • When dive slots are fully booked, put guests on a waiting list.
  • Launch automated feedback requests from guests to enhance your online presence.
dashboard features
All your management needs in one dashboard.

Take charge

  • Set and modify availability slots across booking platforms.
  • 通过云平台上的实时数据防止超额预订。
  • 检查所有渠道的可用性,让您随时掌握最新信息。
crm segmentation
Give customers a personal touch. Segment VIPs in CRM.

Put your stamp on it

  • Provide dedicated divers with a better experience by classifying them into the CRM.
  • Offer participants an easy way to modify their bookings with a self-booking-management link, reducing customer queues and interaction.
  • Make them feel heard. Promote post-dive reviews by prompting visitors to write them.




  • 可用性日历
  • 多币种
  • 数据导出
  • 详细报告
  • 团队管理
  • 性能通知
  • 信息广播
  • 中央收件箱
  • 客户关系
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400% growth for Lions Water Adventure Park with TicketingHub

Lions Water Adventure Park faced challenges in expanding its customer base and managing bookings. With a goal to enhance customer satisfaction and repeat business, they integrated TicketingHub's cloud-based software. This move propelled their ticket sales, marking 400% profit growth within a year. The software’s data analytics, detailed reporting, and multi-channel ticket sales capabilities streamlined their operations, offering a superior customer experience and efficiently reaching more out-of-state customers. The park now stands as a must-visit destination in North Carolina, backed by robust digital innovation.



We offer scuba diving operators an intuitive reservation system tailored to their needs.

Using mobile devices and various platforms, it organizes diving trip participants and simplifies online bookings. By doing so, we boost revenue and make sure scuba diving is unbeatable.

woman scuba diver with the fishes
Provide the best diving experience.

A better way to manage tours

We provide easy online and in-person scuba diving reservations.

We replace outdated manual ticketing systems with cloud-based solutions.

Every step of the way, whether organizing one-day diving trips, exclusive underwater experiences, or promoting early bird bookings, our software ensures tourists have an excellent diving trip experience.

Achieving inventory control

Make scuba diving trips easier with our integrated platform. With our scuba diving reservation software, you can make online and on-site tickets, customize ticket categories, monitor bookings, and offer special promotions and pricing options - all in one place.

Get a booking solution that increases revenue and keeps customers coming back.

scuba diving guests aerial view
Make it easy for visitors to book diving trips on your website.

Analyzing data and providing custom insights

Data-driven planning is crucial for effective tourism. Our scuba diving reservation software provides detailed analytics and reports on ticket sales, tourist behavior, and more.

We integrate seamlessly with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel.

Find the ideal times to book diving trips and develop strategies to increase income and tour bookings.

Easy integration with POS systems

POS integration makes in-person selling easy, syncing sold items with online bookings, and ensuring seamless reservation management.

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What is the top scuba diving reservation software for managing online bookings?

TicketingHub is a premier choice for scuba diving reservation software, offering a comprehensive platform for efficiently managing online bookings. It empowers dive centers with a unified dashboard for handling online and in-person sales and connecting distribution channels. This ensures seamless booking management, allowing businesses to focus more on customer satisfaction and enhancing the diving experience for their clients.

Is there a booking system tailored for scuba businesses?

Certainly! DiveScheduler.com is a dedicated booking system meticulously crafted exclusively for the scuba business. It transcends general online booking software to meet dive centers' unique and specific needs. This specialized focus ensures efficient and streamlined operations, contributing to your diving business's growth and success.

How can I ensure continuous online bookings for my dive center?

Employ TicketingHub, comprehensive booking software for dive tours. This advanced software guarantees your site is always available for customers to make online bookings 24/7. This constant availability ensures you never miss a booking opportunity, leading to increased revenue and more direct bookings, enhancing the profitability of your dive center.

Which booking system do dive centers use for reservations?

Dive centers traditionally prefer personal contact for managing reservations, using email or contact forms. However, the trend is rapidly shifting towards more efficient booking software like Rezdy, TicketingHub and TuriTop. These platforms ensure seamless online booking management, an up-to-date booking calendar, and a streamlined client database, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Is there all-encompassing booking software for dive centers?

Absolutely, TicketingHub stands out by providing all-in-one booking software for dive centers. It not only ensures more bookings but also delights clients with its user-friendly interface, easy setup, and 24/7 customer support. It's the ideal solution for growing your business, managing your client database, and ensuring your dive center operates at peak efficiency.

What features should I look for in booking software for dive centers?

Choose booking software that enables effortless online bookings and payments, like Rezdy, FareHarbor, TicketingHub, and Trekksoft. These platforms are custom-designed for dive centers, ensuring seamless management of online sales and bookings. They offer essential features like an intuitive booking calendar, efficient client database management, and support for gift vouchers, making booking easier for your customers.

How can a booking solution simplify diving trip booking?

A robust booking solution like TicketingHub is built for diving and sports businesses. It allows clients to easily book diving trips on your site 24/7, showing real-time availability. This tool is invaluable for managing bookings, ensuring optimal boat capacity utilization, and creating dive-specific packages, contributing to an enhanced customer experience and increased bookings.

How can I keep my dive center’s tour availability up to date?

Utilize TicketingHub’s cutting-edge booking software to effortlessly update your dive center’s tour availability and all connected distribution channels. This ensures your customers always have access to the most current information, enhancing their booking experience and ensuring they can easily find and book the diving trips they desire.

How can I find the perfect group diving trip and manage group bookings?

Divebooker.com specializes in group diving trips, offering a vast selection and exclusive discounts for groups. It’s an ideal platform for finding and booking the most comprehensive diving adventure for your group, ensuring all the information is clear, accessible, and up to date. This platform makes managing group bookings a breeze, allowing you to focus on providing an unforgettable diving experience for your clients.



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首先,票务中心客户服务团队是一流的 - 总是可以帮助和座右铭:毫无疑问是太哑了!该软件本身是伟大的,非常直观,一个简单而有效的界面,使我们能够销售我们的产品,做一些追加销售,通过API连接到我们的首选供应商,以及使用几个支付处理器。

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首先,TicketingHub的客户服务团队是一流的 - 随时可以提供帮助,其座右铭是:没有什么问题是太愚蠢的