Zoos, distilleries, food tours, adventure parks, ziplines, city tours, and escape rooms - TicketingHub works closely with tour and activity providers worldwide. We help operators save time, stress less, and do more - automate workflows, streamline checkouts, ease integrations, and centralize management.

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Maximize tour bookings

We offer advanced features that enhance the entire customer experience and backend management for tour and activity operators in the leisure and travel industry.  

booking widget, checkout process, booking flow
Make it easy for website visitors to make bookings online.

Simplify online bookings and online payments

  • Enhance online bookings with a widget designed specifically for your unique brand.
  • It's easy to integrate into your CMS - suitable for your homepage or dedicated booking pages, and integrates smoothly with any website builder.
  • Increase conversion rates with an efficient 5-step booking process.
  • Offer multiple currencies and payment tools.
resellers login portal, booking sales report
Provide resellers with a login portal.

Grow sales through distribution channels

  • Reach out to more potential guests with affiliate links.
  • Arm resellers with a white-labeled widget and login portal, facilitating effortless channel management.
  • Expand your visibility by featuring available tour slots on prominent OTAs and sales channels such as Get Your Guide, TripAdvisor, Klook, and Airbnb Experiences.



For tour operators seeking efficiency, our specialized online booking system offers tailored solutions. Specifically designed for travel agents and operators in the tour and activity industry, our software cuts down on customer inquiries and backend inefficiencies by up to 80%.

Keep all guest information in one centralized platform.


  • Our intuitive magic link allows travelers to reschedule, cancel, or modify their bookings independently.
  • Automate customer feedback using our messaging tool, ensuring guests are prepared and eager.
  • Ensure genuine reservations by validating traveler emails during the reservation process.
follow up, reminders, incomplete bookings
Follow up with guests who leave their bookings halfway.

More tools to sell smarter

  • Retain potential customers using our abandoned cart reminders; we send follow-up emails to enthusiasts who halt their booking process.
  • Utilize a waiting list for fully booked tours, ensuring no missed opportunity.
  • Bolster your digital footprint in the tourism and leisure industry by auto-generating customer feedback requests post-tour.
Work closely with your team real time - wherever you are - with a centralized cloud-based platform.

Manage bookings on the go

  • Seamlessly adjust availability slots across different booking platforms.
  • Monitor real-time availability across all platforms ensuring you're always informed.
  • Stay on top of your bookings with up-to-the-minute data hosted on our cloud platform (as long as you have an internet connection).  
Integrate CRM seamlessly.

Personalize experiences

  • Give recurring guests a more personal experience.
  • Empower guests with a simplified booking management process, cutting down on wait times and phone calls.
  • Encourage post-tour travel experiences by asking visitors to share their reviews.




  • 可用性日历
  • 多币种
  • 数据导出
  • 详细报告
  • 团队管理
  • 性能通知
  • 信息广播
  • 中央收件箱
  • 客户关系
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400% Growth In Ticket Sales After Moving To TicketingHub

“We have grown massively this year - aggressive SEO combined with a top booking system has all come together to push us to growth … We have never exceeded X/month with our previous tour scheduling software provider! We are now in new waters. We currently have over 70% inbound visitors in comparison to pre-COVID.” - Chris, CEO of City Belfast Tours



Designed specifically for tour and activity companies, our online booking platform simplifies the entire customer journey - leading to more customer retention and fewer admin inefficiencies.

Optimize ticket booking management

Our tour operator software elevates ticket booking to an unprecedented level of efficiency, managing online and walk-in reservations easily.

Our cloud-based solution lets you effortlessly handle any tour type, from day trips to adventure parks, business travel, and multi-day journeys. Enhance customer experiences with early-bird promotions and streamlined tour bookings too.


Streamlined inventory management

Our tour booking software simplifies tour and activity management by enabling easy creation of tours and activities, personalization of ticket types, managing reservations, and launching promotions effortlessly- a solution that increases sales and fosters customer loyalty.

Harness the Power of Data and Analytics

Our online tour booking software provides vital analytics to refine your tour operations. Track sales and customer trends - gain integrated insights with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel. Use this data to pinpoint peak times and optimize for increased bookings and revenue.

Sync Online and In-Person Sales

Our POS system aligns in-person and online sales, providing a real-time view of your entire operation on one platform. It supports various payment methods, ensures a quick checkout for walk-ins, and integrates seamlessly with your digital bookings for streamlined financial and inventory management.

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Tour operator software: what is it?

Tour operator software is a computer program designed to help tour operators manage their business online more efficiently. It simplifies tasks like travel scheduling, multi-day booking management, itinerary and package creation, payment integration and processing, and customer management.

Think of it as a toolbox that helps tour businesses keep everything organized in one place. This online reservation system often comes with features that allow tour companies to create itineraries, set pricing, process payments online, and even market their tours to potential customers.

It's like having an assistant who works 24/7, helping to ensure the tour experience is smooth for both the operator and the customer.

How does a tour reservation system work?

An online booking engine like TicketingHub makes it easy for tour and activity providers to manage their day-to-day operations.

A tour reservation system (or a central reservation system) provides an all-in-one booking platform where customers can reserve and pay for services or events real-time, like tours and activities, directly through a website.

Here's how it typically works in simple steps:

1. Display of Services: The software lists all available travel experiences and services, such as tour dates and times, on the company's website.

2. Customer Selection: Customers visit the website, choose what they want, such as a tour, and select the date and time that works for them.

3. Reservation Details: Customers then enter their personal details, which are required to book tours successfully.

4. Payment Processing: The customer pays for the service online through a secure payment gateway integrated into the software (either through credit card or other cashless payment integration options).

5. Confirmation: After payment, the tour scheduling software confirms the reservation by sending an email or text message to the customer.

Behind the scenes, the software automatically updates the service availability to prevent overbooking. It can also manage cancellations, changes, and customer inquiries. This entire process makes booking convenient for customers and efficient for businesses.

What features do tours & activities need in tour booking software?

Tour booking software is essential for managing and growing tour and activity businesses. It should be rich in features that cater to the industry's specific needs.

Here's how travel businesses can benefit from powerful booking software:

  • Centralized Dashboard: Gain a bird's eye view of your operations, with instant access to a tour booking page, scheduling, and customer interactions from one place, making it easier to operate multi-day tours and handle walk-ups efficiently.
  • Inventory and Resource Management Tools: Keep track of tour availability, manage resources, and prevent double-bookings. Essential for both one-time events and multi-day tours.
  • Channel Management: Connect with travel agencies and online marketplaces, syncing availability and bookings to attract more customers without overbooking.
  • Online Payment Gateways and Payment Managers: Process payments securely with a payment manager that supports various methods and currencies, providing a frictionless transaction experience for users.
  • Automated Emails and Communication: Send out automated emails for booking confirmations, reminders to reduce no-shows, and personalized follow-up messages to keep your customers engaged.
  • Customizable Booking Forms: Create forms that capture all necessary customer details directly on your tour booking page, ensuring a seamless reservation experience.
  • Centralized Invoicing: Manage your finances with centralized invoicing, allowing for streamlined billing and better financial tracking.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Use detailed reports to understand customer behavior, peak booking times, and financial performance to make informed business decisions.
  • Mobile Optimization: Ensure your tour management platform is fully functional on mobile devices, providing convenience for customers on the go.

By including these features, online tour booking software can dramatically simplify day-to-day operations, improve customer data management, and ultimately contribute to a more robust bottom line.

Can online tour booking software help my tour operator business grow in sales and bookings?

Yes, tour booking software can help your tour business grow in sales and bookings, though its primary goal is to increase operational efficiency. Here's how it indirectly contributes to business growth:

1. Time and Cost Savings: By automating bookings, invoicing, and scheduling, you save on manual tasks. No more endless spreadsheets or manual invoicing prone to errors, freeing up time to focus on business strategy and customer service.

2. Simplified Booking Process: The software handles reservations, syncs schedules to your calendar, and processes payments, making booking faster and easier for your customers.

3. 24/7 Sales Capability: Since the booking system is always on, your customers can make reservations anytime, reducing wait times and increasing your chances of closing more sales outside of traditional business hours.

4. Reduced Manual Work: With less time spent on the phone and manually managing bookings, you can allocate more resources to marketing and customer engagement, leading to more bookings and repeat business.

5. Improved Customer Service: A smooth tour & activity booking experience enhances customer satisfaction, which is crucial for word-of-mouth marketing and repeat bookings.

6. Better Engagement: With more free time thanks to the software, you can create more personalized interactions with customers, encouraging loyalty and potentially more sales.

While tour booking software doesn't directly increase sales, it creates a more efficient and customer-friendly environment. This efficiency and improved customer experience often lead to increased sales and bookings. This is a natural result of better service and more free time to invest in growth opportunities.

What kind of support and training does your software solution provide?

Our tour booking solution provides a range of support and training resources to ensure you can effectively use the system:

  • Direct Support: Access to customer support representatives ready to assist with any queries or issues.
  • Training Videos: A collection of instructional videos to help you learn the ins and outs of the software at your own pace.
  • Help Desk Articles: An extensive library of articles for quick, self-service assistance, detailing features and troubleshooting steps.

How much does your booking software cost?

Tour operator software costs vary depending on the features and brand, but it usually pays off. Some systems charge a flat monthly fee, while others charge a commission. TicketingHub, for instance, charges only 3% per booking, excluding integration fees (whether you pass the booking fee on to your guests or absorb it).



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