Beer Tasting Tour Reservation System

Online bookings for beer tastings and brewery tours have never been easier with TicketingHub. You can sell tickets online, in person, or via distribution partners with ease. Our software ensures a seamless booking process for businesses and beer enthusiasts alike. Make special event reservations and brewery tours easy and watch your bookings go up!

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Maximize Tour Reservations and Grow Bookings

Designed specifically for tour operations, our beer-tasting reservation system enhances direct online tour and show bookings and reservations, attendee management, and distribution across a variety of channels.

online booking widget for beer tasting bookings
Seamless reservation experiences with online booking widgets.

24/7 booking widget

  • Drive more direct beer-tasting tour bookings with a widget customized to your brand's unique flavor.
  • Integrate seamlessly into your CMS with just one line of code - ideal for your homepage or a specialized reservation page as an iframe.
  • Enhance conversion rates and foster visitor loyalty with a user-friendly 5-step beer-tasting reservation process.
  • Accept various currencies and payment methods to cater to beer-tasting aficionados.
reseller login portal
Provide resellers with dedicated login portals.

Get 80% more bookings online with resellers & affiliates

  • Witness up to an 80% surge in beer-tasting tour reservations through affiliate links crafted for beer enthusiasts.
  • Provide resellers with a white-labeled widget and a login portal, enabling them to manage beer-tasting tour reservations efficiently.
  • 通过在领先的 OTA 上展示您的旅游时段,扩大您的影响力--我们将您链接到Get Your Guide、TripAdvisor、Klook 和 Airbnb Experiences等平台



The goal is to make tour reservations easier and more efficient. In the beer-tasting and brewery tour industry, our tour reservation system and software are specially designed to reduce customer inquiries and backend inefficiencies by up to 80%.  

guest messaging feature
Quick, personalized service boosts guest interactions.

Save time on customer queries

  • Allow guests to reschedule, cancel, or convert bookings into vouchers effortlessly. Our user-friendly magic link ensures guests can manage their tour reservations easily!
  • Automatically send tour reminders to your attendees with our messaging tool, ensuring they're prepared and eager for beer tastings.
  • Prevent invalid bookings and continuous customer interactions by verifying guest emails during the reservation process with our email validator.
Utilise savvy marketing tactics to maximize reservations.

Tactical marketing

  • Capture every reservation with abandoned cart reminders. We send follow-up emails to guests who leave incomplete reservations.
  • Register guests on a waiting list when tours are fully booked to accommodate last-minute cancellations.
  • After the tour, initiate automated feedback requests from participants. Enhance your reviews and online presence for beer-tasting tour reservations.
dashboard features
All your management needs in one place.

On-the-go beer-tasting tour management

  • 通过设置和修改可用时段,保持各预订平台之间的同步。
  • Integrate real-time data on a cloud platform to prevent beer-tasting overbookings.
  • Oversee availability across all reservation channels with our comprehensive beer-tasting tour reservation system.
CRM dashboard feature
Flawless CRM integration

Make your beer tastings stand out

  • Segment guests in the CRM to provide dedicated beer aficionados with a top-tier experience.
  • Allow easy reservation modifications for participants via a user-friendly link, minimizing customer interactions.
  • Motivate guests to share their experiences post-tour with automated review reminders.




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In five years, SecretFoodTours grew from a single-city Museum to a food touring empire sweeping 55 cities and growing. Facing growth hurdles, Secret Food Tours needed an affordable, efficient booking system. TicketingHub’s tailored cloud-based solution enabled easy integration and payment processing, propelling sales surges and guest increases. Explore how TicketingHub software can help amplify your food tour business and customer satisfaction.



Our intuitive beer-tasting tour reservation system is designed to cater to the unique needs of all Beer Tastings & Tour operators and activity providers in the brewery and beer-tasting sector.

It excels at organizing beer-tasting attendees and streamlining online reservations across mobile devices and various sales platforms. This boosts revenue and ensures an unmatched tour experience.

guests happily laughing with beer on their hands
Give guests the best beer-tasting experience.

Brewery tour management and ticketing

Our beer-tasting tour reservation system provides an efficient booking solution for multiple online and in-person channels.

Get rid of cumbersome manual ticketing processes and replace them with cloud-based solutions.

Whether organizing single-day beer tastings, exclusive brewery experiences, group tours, or promoting early bird reservations, our software perfects every step, guaranteeing guests a smooth and delightful journey.

Inventory management that works

Manage your upcoming tastings, ticket allocations, and online reservations with our integrated beer-tasting tour platform. On a unified platform, you can offer tickets both online and on-site, customize ticket types, monitor and manage bookings together, and offer special offers.

Reduce your reservation time, increase your revenue, and attract repeat customers with a structured reservation solution.  

guests looking at beer barrels
Easily manage all your beer-tasting tour reservations.

Tailor-made insights and data analysis

Data-driven decisions are crucial for effective planning. Our beer-tasting tour reservation system provides essential analytics and detailed reports on ticket sales, guest behaviors, and other vital metrics.

此外,我们还与 Google Search Console、Google Analytics 和 Facebook Pixel 等关键平台无缝集成。

Delve into beer-tasting tour booking trends, identify peak tasting seasons, and formulate strategies to enhance your tour booking team, operations, and revenue.

Smooth Point of Sale integration

We offer POS integration for tour operators so they can print tickets, process payments, and keep track of inventory across all their sales channels.

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What is the purpose of a beer-tasting tour reservation system?

A beer-tasting tour reservation system is not just a tool—it's a game-changer for breweries. It streamlines the online booking process, ensuring enthusiasts can easily reserve their spot for immersive beer-tasting experiences. By automating the reservation process, breweries can focus on what they do best: crafting artisan beer flavors and providing memorable tours.

How can online booking software benefit brewery tours?

Online booking software is the backbone of a successful brewery tour business. Beyond just managing bookings, it provides valuable insights into customer preferences, peak booking times for events, and even feedback on tours. This data-driven approach allows breweries to refine their offerings, ensuring beer tastings are always top-notch and guests leave with unforgettable memories.

Is there specialized booking software for distilleries?

Absolutely! Spirits and distilleries have unique nuances. Specialized reservation software caters to these specific needs, ensuring everything from barrel tastings to behind-the-scenes distillery tours is managed seamlessly. These systems often come with features tailored to the industry, like age verification checks and tailored tour options.

Can I integrate my beer-tasting tour reservation system with other platforms?

Integration is the name of the game in today's digital age. Most reservation systems offer robust integration capabilities, allowing breweries to connect with marketing platforms, customer relationship management tools, and even social media. This interconnected approach ensures a unified brand experience for customers and maximizes brewery's online presence.

How does a brewery tour booking system handle special event pricing?

A dynamic brewery tour booking system offers flexibility. Whether it's a limited-time beer release party, a festive season deal, or a collaboration event with another brewery, the system allows for dynamic special pricing, discount codes, and add-ons. This ensures special events are memorable and profitable.

Can I manage brewery tours remotely using online booking software?

In our mobile-driven world, the leading online and booking management software solutions are optimized for mobile devices. This means brewery owners and managers can oversee reservations, manage feedback, and even make real-time changes to tours from anywhere in the world. It's all about flexibility and staying connected, even on the go.

How does online booking software enhance a beer-tasting experience?

The customer journey begins long before they set foot in the brewery. A smooth online booking process, clear communication, and easy access to information set the tone for a fantastic visit. The software ensures that visitors have all the details they need, from the types of beers available for tasting to the brewery history. This ensures more customers have a holistic and enriching experience.

What are the key features to look for in brewery tour booking software?

Beyond the basics, look for features like real-time guest feedback, integration with point-of-sale systems, and tools for crafting personalized customer journeys. The highest-quality software solutions also offer robust analytics, giving breweries insights into trends, customer preferences, and areas of improvement.

Can online booking software help breweries get more bookings?

Definitely! With the right online booking system and software, breweries can tap into powerful marketing tools, from email campaigns to retargeting ads. By reaching potential customers at multiple touchpoints and making the booking process a breeze, breweries can significantly boost reservations.

Are brewery tour booking software fees additional?

While many systems have a straightforward pricing model, it's essential to know potential hidden fees. This could include charges for high-volume online ticketing and sales, additional features, or integrations. Always read the fine print and choose a system that offers transparency and value for money.



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