ATV Rental Booking Software

Manage your ticket sales online, in person, and through partners from one centralized dashboard - simplifying backend operations and smoothening customer experiences.

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Boost reservations and simplify direct bookings

Designed specifically for ATV or Off-Road Tour operators, our ATV rental booking software enhances direct online reservations, attendee management, and distribution.

booking widget features
Drive more bookings with a booking widget crafted for effortless reservation experiences.

Book anytime, anywhere

  • Get more ATV tour bookings straight from your off-road brand with a widget.
  • Simply add one line of code to your CMS and you're good to go - perfect for your homepage or a dedicated booking page.
  • Easy 5-step reservation process boosts conversion rates.
  • Provide multiple currencies and payment methods.
Dedicated tour booking portal for resellers.

Get 80% more online bookings with resellers & affiliates

  • Up to 80% more off-road adventure bookings through affiliate links.
  • Provide resellers with a white-labeled widget and login portal for managing ATV tours.
  • Get your tour slots on top OTAs - Get Your Guide, TripAdvisor, Klook, and Airbnb Experiences are our partners.



We want to make ATV & Off-Road Tours operators' lives easier and more efficient. We're custom-designed to help off-road operators reduce customer inquiries and backend inefficiencies by up to 80% with our ATV rental booking platforms and software.  

guest communications made easy
Enhance guest interactions.

Cut down on customer queries

  • Easily let guests reschedule, cancel, or convert ATV tour bookings into vouchers with our user-friendly magic link.
  • Ensure participants are prepared and thrilled for the off-road adventure with automated tour reminders.
  • With our email validator, prevent invalid reservations and constant customer interactions.
abandoned cart drip campaign
Boost tour bookings with clever marketing tools.

Getting the most out of your marketing

  • We send follow-up emails to visitors who abandon their bookings so we can capture every potential booking.
  • Put guests on a waiting list when tours are full to accommodate last-minute cancellations.
  • Create automated feedback requests after the tour. Improve your testimonials and online presence.
manage in one place - dashboard
One dashboard for everything.

ATV tour bookings made easy

  • Sync availability across booking platforms.
  • Use a cloud platform to track real-time ATV bookings.
  • Manage availability across all booking channels.
Integrate CRM and manage customers seamlessly.

ATV tours that stand out

  • CRM segmentation to give off-road enthusiasts a better experience.
  • Allow participants to modify their bookings via a user-friendly link, minimizing customer interactions.
  • Make it easy for riders to share their adventures post-tour with automated reminders and notifications.




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  • 数据导出
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  • 团队管理
  • 性能通知
  • 信息广播
  • 中央收件箱
  • 客户关系
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Our Tailored Zip Line Ticketing Solution

As Europe's fastest zipline attraction grows, Zip Now needs a ticket booking system that seamlessly integrates with the zipline experiences they offer. They're on a limited budget and don't have ticketing software, so they wanted a cloud ticketing system that fit their needs. Zip Now came to TicketingHub for a custom online ticketing solution that not only met their requirements, but also enhanced the customer checkout experience, ultimately helping to grow their business.



We make ATV rental booking software that's easy to use and caters to the unique needs of ATV operators, online booking systems, and off-road tour operators.

You can count on us to organize tour participants, streamline online reservations, and ensure a superb ATV tour experience on both mobile devices and various sales platforms.

happy atv guests
Improve riders' satisfaction.


Multiple online and in-person channels are supported by our ATV rental booking software.

Get rid of cumbersome manual ticketing systems and embrace digital tour management. Our cloud-based solution makes booking quick and easy.

Whether you're organizing a single-day ride, an exclusive ATV experience, or promoting early bird bookings, we've got you covered.

Keeping track of everything

Easily manage your upcoming tours, ticket allocations, and reservations with our integrated ATV tour platform. Using our software, you can sell tickets online and at the venue, customize ticket categories, track bookings, and offer special offers.

Get a structured booking solution that increases revenue and keeps ATV riders returning.

atv ride experience
A comprehensive ATV rental booking software that works across devices.

The insights you need to succeed

We provide crucial analytics and detailed reports on ticket sales, rider behaviors, and other metrics to help you plan effectively.

Our platform integrates seamlessly with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel.

Analyze ATV tour booking trends, identify peak riding seasons, and develop strategies to increase revenue.

Integrate your POS with ease

ATV tour operators can greatly benefit from our POS integration. Real-time sales monitoring across various sales channels. Tickets shouldn't be a hassle on-site anymore.

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1. How can ATV rental booking software enhance my ATV business?

ATV rental booking software streamlines the reservation process, offering clients a seamless booking experience. With the global ATV market projected to reach nearly $11 billion by 2027, integrating such software can position your business to tap into this growing market. This will enhance customer satisfaction and increase bookings.

2. What are the essentials to start an ATV rental business with online booking software?

Starting an ATV rental business requires more than vehicles. Robust online booking software ensures real-time availability, manages inventory, and simplifies customer management. Additionally, a well-researched business plan, a user-friendly custom website, and effective inventory management tools are crucial to attracting and retaining customers, ensuring steady revenue.

3. How has the pandemic impacted the ATV rental business, and how can rental software help?

The pandemic has brought challenges but also opportunities. While some ATV rental businesses faced downturns, adopting advanced rental software can offer contactless bookings, digital waivers, and e-sign features, ensuring safety and convenience. This adaptation not only meets current health guidelines but also offers an enhanced customer experience.

4. How can I optimize profit margins in my ATV rental business using booking software?

Profit optimization goes beyond setting the right prices. Booking software provides insights into customer preferences, peak booking times, and more. By analyzing this data, you can offer targeted promotions, add-ons, and packages, ensuring maximum inventory utilization and optimizing revenue.

5. How crucial is location selection for ATV tours and rentals?

Location can make or break your ATV rental business. Proximity to popular trails or scenic areas can be a draw. Using online booking tools, you can offer virtual tours of these locations, enticing customers to book online and experience them in person.

6. How can inventory management tools benefit my ATV rental business?

Effective inventory management ensures you never overbook or run out of ATVs. Modern rental software provides real-time tracking, manages security deposits, and even schedules maintenance, ensuring your ATVs are always in top condition, leading to satisfied customers and positive reviews.

7. Is it better to buy ATVs or finance them for my rental business?

While buying ATVs requires a significant initial investment, it eliminates interest costs. Financing, on the other hand, offers cash flow flexibility. Rental software can help you track expenses, and revenues, and even forecast profitability, aiding you in making informed decisions.

8. What insurance and security measures are essential for an ATV rental business?

Customer safety is paramount. Comprehensive ATV insurance, coupled with security features in rental software like digital waivers and e-sign processes, offers peace of mind to both the business owner and the clients.  

9. How can online booking software help set competitive ATV rental prices?

Pricing isn't just about covering costs; it's about value. Online booking software provides market insights, allowing you to set prices that reflect the value you offer, be it superior ATVs, guided tours, or additional services.

10. What strategies can boost ATV rental bookings?  

Boosting bookings is a mix of visibility and value. A custom website showcasing your offerings, coupled with online booking features, can attract potential clients. Engaging with customer feedback, collaborating with local tourism boards, and ensuring real-time availability can turn potential interest into confirmed bookings.



通过网站、POS 或经销商销售更多机票。实现任务自动化。实现业务增长。



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