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From seamless online bookings and reservations to robust ticket sales and revenue tracking, everything is accessible from a single, user-friendly dashboard – even on your mobile device. Simplify your operations and supercharge your online ticket selling with TicketingHub.

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Cloud based ticketing and reservation software

For dinner theater operators, our dinner theater booking software enhances event planning with direct online bookings, attendee management, and ticket distribution. This ensures a seamless experience for both the audience and management.

We've got a 24/7 booking widget that simplifies reservation and selling tickets online.

Enhance Your Ticket Sales

  • Facilitate direct ticket sales and reservations with a widget tailored to your dinner theater brand.
  • Integrate seamlessly into your CMS with just one line of code - an ideal fit for your homepage or dedicated booking page.
  • Convert more theatergoers and enhance loyalty with a user-friendly 5-step booking process.
  • Accommodate audiences with multiple currencies and payment methods to cater to all theater enthusiasts.
reseller login portal
Empower resellers with a dedicated login portal to manage bookings efficiently.

Boost Your Reservations by 80% with Resellers and Affiliate Links

  • Skyrocket your dinner theater reservations by 80% through strategic affiliate links and sales agents.
  • Provide resellers with a white-labeled widget and a login portal, enabling them to manage and promote dinner theater events effectively.
  • Expand your reach by featuring your showtimes and seats on OTAs like Get Your Guide, TripAdvisor, Klook, and Airbnb Experiences. This will ensure your performances are seen by a wider audience.



Our ticketing system and box office software solutions are meticulously crafted for event planners, slashing up to 80% customer inquiries and backend inefficiencies.

customer information in one mobile friendly solution
Enhance your shows by integrating CRM.

Minimize Time Spent on Calls

  • Our intuitive magic link allows patrons to reschedule, cancel, or convert dinner theater bookings autonomously.
  • Automatically remind everyone with our messaging tool, ensuring everyone is prepared and thrilled.
  • Validate patron emails during the booking process to avoid invalid reservations.
send booking reminders to incomplete checkouts
Send follow-up emails to patrons who have not finalized their bookings.


  • With abandoned cart reminders, ensure every reservation is locked in. We send follow-up emails to theater enthusiasts who don’t finalize their bookings.
  • When shows are fully booked, accommodate guests on a waiting list.
  • Boost your online presence in dinner theater booking by initiating automated feedback requests from attendees.
centralized dashboard with all the features
A single dashboard for managing bookings without technical expertise.

Assume Command

  • Establish and adjust availability slots across various booking platforms.
  • Avert overbookings with real-time data on a cloud-based platform.
  • Monitor availability across all channels to keep you informed and updated.
customer relationship manager integration helps easily manage customers with search filters
Make VIPs feel exclusive by segmenting them in CRM.


  • Offer dedicated theater lovers an enhanced experience with CRM.
  • Afford attendees a straightforward method to modify their bookings, reducing customer queues and interaction.
  • Encourage post-show reviews by asking attendees to write them.




  • 可用性日历
  • 多币种
  • 数据导出
  • 详细报告
  • 团队管理
  • 性能通知
  • 信息广播
  • 中央收件箱
  • 客户关系
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Unprecedented 500% Growth: The Power of Cloud Ticketing for Sound and Light Shows

The Sound and Light Show faced significant challenges, struggling with manual ticketing, limited sales channels, and a lack of real-time reporting. Turning to TicketingHub's cloud-based reservation system, they experienced 500% growth. Software features, including real-time inventory management, multi-channel sales, and detailed analytics, revolutionized their operations and saving time led them to more sales. This case study showcases the profound impact of adopting the right ticketing solution in the entertainment industry.



Designed specifically for general admission and private events, our intuitive booking software addresses the distinct requirements of this entertainment niche.

It excels at organizing theater attendees and streamlining online reservations across mobile devices and various ticketing platforms. In turn, it helps boost sales and guarantees an unparalleled dinner theater experience every time.

people inside building, dinner theatre hall

Streamline Ticketing and Show Reservations

Online and in-person dinner theater reservations are easy with our software.

Move away from outdated manual ticketing systems and embrace our cloud-based solution.

Every step of the way, whether organizing single-night performances, exclusive performing arts backstage experiences, or promoting early bird reservations, our software ensures theatergoers have an outstanding experience.

Maintain Seamless Inventory Management

Simplify your dinner theater operations with our integrated platform. With our software, you can manage online and on-site tickets, tailor ticket categories, oversee bookings, and roll out special promotions all from one dashboard.

Opt for a booking solution that boosts revenue and ensures repeat visits from satisfied patrons.

dinner theatre hall filled with people


A data-driven approach is pivotal to successful theater management. Our dinner theaters booking software delivers comprehensive analytics and reports on ticket sales, patron behavior, and more.

We integrate flawlessly with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel.

Determine the peak times for shows and devise strategies to elevate revenue and theater reservations.

Seamless Point-of-Sale Integration

Our software comes with POS integration, simplifying in-person ticket sales and synchronizing each transaction with online payments and reservations.

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What is dinner theater booking software?

Dinner theater booking software is a specialized cloud-based platform tailored to the entertainment industry, especially dinner theaters. It's more than just a reservation tool; it's a comprehensive system that streamlines the online booking process, manages reservations, enhances ticket sales, and provides insights into customer behavior. By integrating such software, theater operators can optimize their operations, reduce manual tasks, and offer a more personalized experience to their patrons.

Why is online booking crucial for dinner theaters?

Online booking is a game-changer for dinner theaters. In today's digital age, patrons expect to reserve seats and purchase tickets online. Theater operators benefit from real-time inventory management, more bookings and sales opportunities through various channels, and valuable data collection. This digital shift maximizes ticket sales and provides insights into peak performance times, audience preferences, and potential areas for growth.

How can I select the most suitable booking software for my dinner theater?

Choosing the right dinner theater booking software requires research and understanding your theater's needs. Look for software that offers a user-friendly interface, real-time availability tracking, robust customer support, and integration capabilities with other systems. Additionally, consider software that provides marketing tools, analytics, and customizable features that adapt to your theater's evolving needs. Reading reviews and seeking recommendations from industry peers can also guide your decision.

Are online booking systems secure when it comes to handling payments?

Absolutely. Reputable dinner theater booking software prioritizes security by integrating with trusted payment gateways and employing advanced encryption protocols. This ensures that customer data, including payment information, remains confidential and protected from potential breaches. The best choice of software is always one that complies with global security standards and undergoes regular security audits.

How can I promote my dinner theater show online?

Promoting your dinner theater online involves a multi-faceted approach. Utilize online marketing tools such as social media platforms, email marketing campaigns, and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Collaborate with influencers or local businesses for cross-promotion. Integrating your booking software with your website streamlines ticket sales and offers opportunities for upselling, package deals, and special promotions.

What challenges can I expect in running a dinner theater business?

Running a dinner theater is a unique blend of hospitality and entertainment. Challenges include managing simultaneous dinner and performance logistics, ensuring consistent show quality, handling real-time bookings, adapting to evolving entertainment industry standards, and staying updated with safety and health regulations. Moreover, balancing the culinary experience with the theatrical performance to ensure both are top-notch can be a delicate act.

How can I ensure an exceptional experience for my dinner theater patrons?

To create a memorable experience, focus on offering a diverse menu that complements the performance theme. Maintain a regular schedule of shows and hire talented performers. Utilize your booking software's features to manage reservations efficiently, offer loyalty programs, and gather feedback. Engaging with patrons post-show can provide insights into areas of improvement and potential new offerings.

Can I integrate my booking software with other platforms?

Most advanced dinner theater booking systems offer integration capabilities with CRM systems, email marketing tools, POS systems, and other essential platforms This cohesive integration ensures smooth operations, from marketing to sales to post-show engagement, creating a unified ecosystem for your business.

How do I manage cancellations and refunds using booking software?

Modern dinner theater booking software provides intuitive cancellation features. You can set refund policies, automate the refund process, and even offer vouchers or rescheduling options. By having a clear and flexible cancellation policy communicated to patrons during the booking process, you can enhance customer trust and satisfaction.

What's the ROI of dinner theater booking software?

Investing in specialized booking software for dinner theaters offers tangible and intangible returns. As a result, you can expect increased online ticket sales, reduced administrative efforts, and streamlined operations. Intangibly, the enhanced customer experience, insights into business performance, and adaptability to market changes all contribute to long-term growth and sustainability, making the investment worthwhile.



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